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Welcome to the site of the world's most comprehensive registry and reporting system for lost or stolen possessions on the Internet. Here, we take full advantage of the Internet to reach all of the world's neighborhoods to help recover lost or stolen property and pets.

Global Neighborhood was created as a result of people sharing frustrations over having their belongings stolen without much hope of recovery, since a very low percentage of stolen property is ever recovered through normal channels. Today, the global neighborhood community has grown in scope to support all the efforts of people helping their neighbors.

Our first major project was creation of this site ( to assist in the location of lost and stolen property. We work continuously with businesses, organizations, and law enforcement agencies to expand and enhance the effectiveness of this reporting system.


FIRST, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, manufacturers and other entities require identification and proof of ownership. They strongly recommend that appropriate records be kept in a secure, accessible location. We provide that here for you, FREE of charge, when you join the neighborhood and complete your registry forms.

SECOND, once your possessions are registered in this system you can easily access your file to add, edit, view and print your possessions list. This can prove to be of great benefit for insurance purposes and/or in the event of a natural disaster. Using your userID/password login, you can access your database from ANY computer capable of Net access.

Concerned about the safety of your Registry? Don't worry—this system is designed to protect you and your possessions. You access your database through a secure server and since we do not ask for your full name or address, there is also no reference to who you are or your location. Your registry is yours and yours alone. In fact, you are the ONLY one that can even create, see or use your database.

THIRD, if your registered possessions are ever lost or stolen, you can easily transfer them to the HOT SHEET. This is a searchable public-access database of lost and stolen possessions. If your possession is found anywhere in the world, all the finder need do is click on the "HOT" item number, enter his or her contact information and you will then be contacted instantly via email with the appropriate information needed for its return. Further, law enforcement agencies, pawn shops, used auto dealers, kennels, and so on will also access the databases, thus increasing the chances of its return.

This registry is available to everyone and is absolutely FREE unless you also wish to include photos (for a limited time, processing of the first photo is FREE to new members! Join for more details). One hundred percent of all money from this registry is funneled back into enhancing our system and for deterring crime.

If this website has been of value to you and you wish to support our cause by a donation of time or money, please contact us using this comment form

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